First Release!! Mr Awesome and The Cheese Vs GlobeX

I’ve finally published the first installment of the YA (or adult with juvenile sense of humor) series, Mr Awesome and The Cheese. It is 2000 word short story available on Smashwords free of cost. It is also listed on Amazon for .99 in electronic version only. I’m hoping that once Amazon’s price matching function kicks in, its cost will also drop to $0.00. Until then, get it on Smashwords in the epub, mobi (Kindle) or pdf format.

This is my first whack at self publishing and a trial run for getting my novella, You Stop, You Die, out for public consumption. I’d appreciate any feedback if you notice any formatting errors in any of the formats.

However you want to, get! it And read it! Then tell me what you think by responding back to me directly or dropping a review online at Smashwords or Amazon.

Smashwords link:

Amazon link:



     Mr. Awesome, a super strong, super fast, and super uptight superhero, has pledged to protect the innocent people and endangered species of our planet. The Cheese, a teenage computer genius who loves hacking evil corporations almost as much as she loves her purple suede boots, creates networked mayhem in her fight for universal justice. Together, they form an unlikely partnership and face off against the most cunning villain on the planet, Sully Cransky, the evil CEO of GLOBEX, as they attempt to end his reign of terror and greed in South America. Packed with action and adventure, you won’t want to miss this first installment of Mr. Awesome and The Cheese!



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