You Stop, You Die…published at last!

You Stop You Die Cover FINALFINAL

Ray Chapin is a hired gun, a killer for money, and he’s sick of it. He longs for a life far from the draught stricken plains of West Texas, but he needs money to escape. The Alabama Kid is a deadly sadist with a plan to rob the payroll coach of the richest cattle baron in the county. The two men team up for what promises to be an easy job; no killing required. Ray’s dream of salvation disappears when he finds himself double-crossed and left for dead with a trail of bodies behind him. Surrounded by posses, Indians, and Texas Rangers all set on killing him, Ray and his faithful mustang, Esther, have to run for their lives before he can ride for vengeance.
A throwback western adventure story in the tradition of Elmore Leonard and Louis L’Amour, this novella delivers the heroes, the villains, the gunfights and surprises harkening back to the serials of the 1940s and 1950s.

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