YSYD Free on Amazon! 16-18 Dec

You Stop You Die Cover FINALFINAL

Because I listed YSYD in the Kindle Direct Program Select, I can offer the book for free at certain periods during a 90 day period on KDP Select. I set up to offer the book at no cost this weekend. I will do this again 25-26 December 2016. I’m hoping this will increase the circulation of the book and garner a few more reviews.

After a little bit of research, it seemed that more folks are looking for ebook content on the weekends (makes sense). I’m also trying to capitalize on all the new ebook readers who join the fray after receiving new tablets at Christmas and are looking to fill their libraries without furthering their Christmas debt. As you might know from reading earlier posts, this isn’t about making money. I’d be getting an MBA instead of hunching over my laptop making up stories if it was. Its tough to get your work read as a new author, so strategies for increasing readership are key.

I hope everyone enjoys the book. Whether you do or don’t, feel free to email your thoughts at mdoflynn@yahoo.com.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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