Holiday Rush is Over

Well, rush may be a relative term. I enrolled YSYD in the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program. In doing so, I had to unpublish the story on Smashwords or anywhere else for 90 days. I’ll republish on Smashwords in March. There was a pretty good response during the initial KDP Select free promotion period thwhich I advertised on Facebook (16-18 Dec). I didn’t advertise the second period (25-26 Dec) at all as a test to see if word was getting out or if readers were finding YSYD via Amazon listings. The second period fell flat, so lesson learned. Take charge of your own marketing.

Meanwhile, if you like to download YSYD, you have to use Amazon. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member you can still download it at no cost. If you already have the story and participate in the Kindle Lending Library, then you can lend it to someone else. Otherwise, its $.99.  Less than the cost of a soda, it will last longer before tasting flat, and you’ll enjoy it a lot more!


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