Im Back

All in all, it wasn’t worth the effort, but it was a learning experience. My Amazon download numbers certainly picked up once I switched to KDP Select exclusively, but nowhere near the numbers I was pulling on Smashwords. Now that I’ve relisted it on Smashwords, activity on Amazon has been next to nil and Smashwords downloads and views picked up immediately.  Sure, my Smashwords version is free and that might have something to do with it, but I’m listing it on KDP at the lowest price Amazon permits – .99$ – and I gotta believe that anyone who is interested in reading YSYD isn’t deterred by the price tag. So… I’m not totally confident about the reason for the disparity.

Moving on – I’m still struggling to get more reviews – a common lament among the self-published crowd. I’m guessing the ‘non-bestselling-authors’ whine in similar fashion. I only have a handful on Amazon and none on Smashwords, despite the larger numbers. I need to work on my marketing strategies.

Meanwhile, thanks to all of you who downloaded a version from wherever. I’m stoked that even one person enjoyed it. If you find yourself so moved, slide over to either site and drop me a review – for either YSYD or Mr. Awesome and the Cheese. I’m currently working on an unrelated project, but if I think enough readers are interested, then I might be convinced to return to the well, sooner. Ray Chapin and the most dysfunctional crime fighting duo you’ve ever met have more in store for all of us! – MDO


4 thoughts on “Back on SMASHWORDS

    1. Ha! Good to hear from you Mike. And your right, I’ve been telling myself the same thing. I’ve been writing a lot, just nothing I’m ready to publish. I’ve committed myself to getting a sci fi story out this year. I’ve also returned to the Ray Chapin story and outlined a 10 story arc. How’s your writing coming? Feel free to send to if easier. Mike


      1. Hey, Buddy, I just finished the 3rd story – that was the one with Little Alys – I don’t know if you recall that. What should have taken a year to complete took me 2+ years. Between work and the craziness going on etc, I couldn’t get out of my own way. But it is done and on Smashwords. I’ve made a personal commitment to myself to publish the next story in a year or less. This one should be very entertaining – it is all combat. Oh, and if you are of mind, Alys’s story retails at $3.99. It turned out to be pretty intense. It is nice to hear from you. Best wishes – Mike


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